More time with patients. Less time with paper.

SmartForms automate and facilitate the reliable, cost-effective collection and exchange of patient information.

Streamlined referrals for healthcare providers

Easily and swiftly refer patients to any healthcare provider or related service electronically, eliminating the hassles of manual paperwork and delays.

Enhanced efficiency through automation

Reduce time and costs associated with paper handling, distribution, and duplication, ensuring seamless operations and resource optimisation.

Timely and cost-effective data transfer

Ensure timely and cost-effective transfer of quality data between healthcare providers through direct database-to-database transfer, accompanied by automatic validation and access to the latest forms for streamlined processes.

Reliable technical support for peace of mind

Benefit from free expert technical support via telephone and email during business hours, ensuring smooth functioning and troubleshooting assistance whenever needed.

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Connecting healthcare across Australia...

SmartForm Technology is helping facilitate the secure and synchronous transfer of patient referrals. Doctors using Best Practice Premier, Medical Director Clinical, Genie Solutions, Medtech Evolution, Shexie or Zedmed software can get access to the following SmartForms related to their geographic location:
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Western Sydney Local Health District eReferrals

Northern Sydney Local Health District eReferrals

Mercy Werribee Hospital eReferrals

(Victorian eReferrals Program)

Mercy Hospital for Women eReferrals

(Victorian eReferrals Program)

Monash Children’s – Hospitals eReferrals

(Monash Health eReferrals)

DPV Dianella Plenty Valley Community Health eReferrals

(Victorian eReferrals Program)