What is HealthLink Messaging?

The HealthLink Messaging System can be used to send information between GPs and laboratories, radiologists, specialist, allied health providers and hospitals.


HealthLink sends more than 100 million clinical messages annually between approximately 60,000 healthcare practitioners with a HealthLink Secure Messaging address.


HealthLink Secure Messaging keeps message exchange simple and consistent across the healthcare spectrum. Most commonly, providers use Messaging for the exchange of pathology and radiology reports as well as referrals, status reports and discharge summaries.


Most Australasian general practices are increasingly reliant on electronic messaging which is steadily replacing paper, phone and fax; thereby becoming the health sector’s preferred method of communication. HealthLink provides a practice with all available messaging services as part of its standard service package.


HealthLink Messaging does not use email as the transport mechanism of clinical document transfer. Email does not provide the level of manageability, assurance and reliability that is consistent with current industry standards.

Australasia's largest healthcare messaging network

Over 60,000 healthcare practitioners form the HealthLink network.

Standards Based

Support for HL7  messages – an international standard for the electronic exchange of clinical and administrative data between the computer systems multiple healthcare provider organisations.

Universally Used

HealthLink Secure Messaging is used by GPs, laboratories, radiologists, specialists, allied health and hospitals.

Security and Reliability
Messages sent through the system are encrypted to ensure security, and users receive acknowledgements confirming successful message delivery.
Efficiency Improvement
Organisations can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with tasks such as paper handling, distribution, and duplication. This leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.
Expert technical support
Users of the system benefit from the peace of mind provided by free technical support, available via telephone and email, every business day from 8 am until 5 pm. The support is provided by knowledgeable experts in the field.
Compliance with Australian Government Standard
The system aligns with the Australian Government's SMD standard, ensuring that organisations using it are in line with the government's requirements and regulations.