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Here you’ll find user resources to help referrers get started with using HealthLink to electronically refer to participating clinics.

NSW Health eReferral resources

The NSW Health Engage Outpatients program

Engage Outpatients
Electronic referral (eReferral) forms

NSW Health is delivering state-based eReferral forms delivered by Healthlink as part of the Engage Outpatients program. eReferral forms offer a digital solution for primary health care clinicians to refer into NSW public outpatient clinics and services. Digital referrals will facilitate the delivery of referrals to appropriate outpatient services and improve referrer and patient experiences.


General Practitioners (GPs) and other primary care referrers (e.g. Optometrists) will have the ability to send electronic referrals from their practice management software, or a web-based portal, to selected NSW Health outpatient clinics. Referrals will be received for processing and triaged in the electronic Referral Management System (eRMS).


What is happening?


NSW Health aims to develop over 20 specialty specific forms by June 2024. Outpatient clinics in the following Districts are accepting Healthlink referrals:

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Setting up HealthLink in Your Practice

HealthLink eReferrals can be integrated within the following software programs:

  • Best Practice
  • Genie
  • Medical Director
  • Medtech Evolution
  • Shexie Platinum
  • Zedmed


From these software programs, referrers can select a form, automatically pre-populate data from the electronic patient record, have it validated, send it securely to the intended recipient and receive a receipt electronically. A copy of the form will also be automatically stored securely in the patient’s record.


Practices using these systems can integrate HealthLink for free. Alternatively, you can use MyHealthLink Portal.


If you do not have a HealthLink Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) account, please complete the application form.

HealthLink help and support

For HealthLink queries or technical support, please contact our support team via:


If you would like to provide feedback or require more information please click here.

HealthLink tutorials and user guides

Learn how to use HealthLink to electronically refer to participating clinics with our video tutorials and PDF user guides.

NSW Health eReferral resources


What are eReferrals?
Electronic referrals (eReferrals) allow referrers to send referrals to NSW Health outpatient services digitally in a secure way.   eReferrals are integrated with existing practice management systems and pre-populate available patient data. This makes eReferrals the quickest and easiest way to refer patients to NSW Health outpatient services.
Why should I use eReferrals?
eReferrals were introduced in response to general practitioner (GP) feedback that paper-based referral processes, such as fax and post are time consuming.   eReferrals digitise the referral process, making the management of referrals safer and more efficient for GPs, local outpatient services and patients.
Why is NSW Health introducing eReferrals?
The introduction of eReferrals has been established as a state-based project through the Engage Outpatients program to enable referrals to be sent electronically to outpatient services in NSW.   eReferrals aim to support more timely access to outpatient services, improve the quality and referral processes  and ensure the required patient data is captured and supplied correctly the first time.   eReferrals support a patient’s transition from primary to secondary care by enabling referrals to be securely sent, reducing the reliance on fax and improving communication between clinicians, referrers, administrative staff and patients/carers.   General practitioners and patients are able to receive a notification when the eReferral has been received by the outpatient services and following an outcome of the referral. This provides GPs and their patients/carers with peace of mind and saves time on manually handling referrals.    
How do I send an eReferral?
To send an eReferral, simply check the patient details (detailed in the reasons for referral) and add the necessary information to support with an assessment. This makes eReferrals the quickest and easiest way to refer patients to NSW Health outpatient services.
Which practice management systems support HealthLink eReferrals?
HealthLink eReferrals are available on:
  • Best Practice Lava SP3 and above
  • Genie v8.8 and above
  • MedicalDirector 3.16 and above
  • Medtech Evolution 10.4.4 and above
  • Shexie Platinum 7.0 and above
  • Zedmed v35 and above
These practice management systems make up more than 80% of the GP practice management system market in Australia.
How can I send an eReferral without a practice management system?
You can send and receive eReferrals without a practice management system through MyHealthLink Portal.   MyHealthLink Portal is an online portal that enables smaller medical practices and individual health care providers to submit via a web browser. MyHealthLink Portal is protected by digital certificates and advanced HealthLink security and backed by expert technical support from HealthLink. You can watch a tutorial video to learn about how MyHealthLink Portal works.
How do I know an eReferral submission has been successful?
You will receive a notification at the top of the eReferral form confirming it has been sent and when the eReferral has been received by the outpatient service.
What if I send an eReferral and it fails to submit?
If your submission is unsuccessful, an error message will appear. In this case, please either: The information you already entered should be saved. To check for any outstanding referrals, you can access ‘Parked’ forms and resume completing the referral for submission.
I have submitted an eReferral for my patient, where can I find a copy of the referral in my system?
All practice management systems store eReferrals in an inbox or folder that you can refer back to.
How is patient information protected when I send an eReferral?
The eReferrals use end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy and security. Personal information and documents are retained securely within the system.
If I delegate the eReferral task to a practice nurse, will they be able to submit the eReferral?
Anyone who currently has access to your practice management system will be able to access eReferrals. Depending on how your practice management system is configured, it may be possible for practice nurses to submit an eReferral.