Solutions for Specialists
Secure patient information, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Having a HealthLink account allows you to receive securely at no cost from more than 60,000 referring doctors and 1300 diagnostic and healthcare services. This alone will save the practice money and staff time in filing and referral triaging costs.


HealthLink seamlessly integrates with over 100 Specialist systems, however if you don’t use one of those we can arrange for a portal account that will allow you correspond with your referring doctors securely via your preferred web browser.


When you join HealthLink you are automatically added to our Online Provider Directory allowing referring sites to locate you quickly and easily during the referral process.


If in the rare case you do find one of your referring partners does not have HealthLink, simply let us know and we will be only too happy to contact them and get them registered and configured for free. This way you don’t have to continually battle with numerous incoming pathways for referrals, or duplicate referrals from fax and post and patient.


One single, simple, complete and legible referrals pathway. What’s not to like about that?

Protect your patient's privacy with end to end encryption
HealthLink encrypts the referral all the way from referrer system to yours and from your system to theirs when the episode of care is complete.
Save time and money
Each referral received directly into your practice management system can save up to five minutes in staff time and allow for more accurate billing at completion of the service.
We're here to help
Our friendly staff will work with your staff to get you up and running quickly and ensure that you continue to get top value out of the service.

Why HealthLink?

Receive for free

No cost to receive diagnostic reports or referrals from your referring doctors directly into your preferred practice management system.  The more you receive, the more you save in filing and triaging costs, and over time these savings will really add up.

Largest network, more referrals

Australia’s largest network has more general practitioners who want to send their referrals to specialists via secure messaging.  We can help you move all your referring doctors away from the fax, and where they don’t have an account with HealthLink we will provide them with one free of charge so there is no reason for them not to be referring to you electronically via the HealthLink network.

Save further by using HealthLink to Send your Reports back to referring Doctors

When you are ready to save more time and money, sign up for a HealthLink sending subscription to enable the secure delivery of your reports directly to the referring doctor’s electronic in-tray, complete with integrated tracking within your preferred practice management or reporting system.  Only pay for what you use with Australia’s largest secure messaging service.

Your system or ours

No compatible practice management system?  We can help with a secure messaging portal account which will allow you to receive referrals and diagnostic reports, and when ready, to send reports back to your referring healthcare partners.

Not sure if your system is compatible or not?  Let us help.  Chances are we already know what your system can and cannot do, and where we are unsure, we will actively work with your preferred vendor to assist them to implement a conformant system.

Seamlessly integrated into....