We understand that GPs are at the heart of patient management.

HealthLink for General Practice is a pivotal solution for improving patient management within the healthcare industry. We recognize the essential role played by General Practitioners (GPs) in patient care. HealthLink provides a smart healthcare communication platform that seamlessly connects GPs with the broader health system, enhancing efficiency in patient management.


GPs can join Australia’s largest and most trusted Secure Message Delivery (SMD) compliant network, enabling the secure exchange of private patient information with various healthcare providers and their software systems. This includes the efficient exchange of referrals, laboratory results, radiology reports, specialist communications, discharge summaries, and more. HealthLink’s SmartForms further streamline the process by simplifying the submission of eReferrals and eAssessments while ensuring compliance with service providers.


This innovative technology not only expedites patient care but also benefits the entire healthcare industry by improving efficiency and communication among healthcare stakeholders. With nationwide access to location-specific forms, GPs using Best Practice Premier, Medical Director Clinical, Zedmed, Genie, Shexie Platinum, or Medtech Evolution software can enjoy these benefits, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and healthcare coordination.

Why 90% of Australian General Practice use HealthLink over traditional communication methods

Effortless provider connectivity
HealthLink streamlines Australian General Practice connectivity by offering comprehensive technical support tailored to your Practice Software. Seamlessly access Radiology and Pathology Lab Reports, Specialist Reports, Patient Updates, Discharge and Event Summaries, and efficiently send Referrals and Assessments.
Seamless and Reliable
Through our smart software partnerships, Australia’s General Practices often don’t realise they’re using HealthLink as part of their everyday business operation. It works reliably in the background with no logins or separate registrations required, enabling doctors to communicate securely and efficiently with each other.
Easily access directories from your practice system
HealthLink knows how much of a burden maintaining your local address book for secure messaging communications is. That’s why we have worked with the two leading clinical systems for general practice on integrating the Online Federated FHIR provider directory directly into your local address book.
Largest secure messaging exchange network across Australia
Over 60,000 General and Specialist Practitioners, and 1,300 Pathology, Radiology, Hospital and Healthcare Services are actively using the HealthLink network each and every day.
Tightly integrated into your system
We integrate directly into more GP clinical software systems than any other provider, and offer no charge for GPs to register, install, and start using.
SmartForm Technology is here for General Practice

SmartForm Technology is helping facilitate the secure and synchronous transfer of patient referrals. Many Statewide and National SmartForms are now under development. Doctors using Best Practice Premier, Medical Director Clinical and Genie Solutions software can get access to SmartForms related to their geographic location.


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