MyHealthLink Portal is an online portal designed to enable smaller medical practices and individual healthcare providers to utilise HealthLink SmartForms.


HealthLink SmartForms have historically been accessed via an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The EMR systems require either a HISO compliant (New Zealand) or an Aduro compliant (Australia) integration.


MyHealthLink Portal expands the availability of HealthLink SmartForm technology to smaller medical organisations that either do not have an EMR, or do not have one with Aduro or HISO integration.


By using My HealthLink Portal, smaller organisations can submit electronic referrals, order pathology and radiology services and send an increasing number of insurance and work-cover related medical certificates.

Why MyHealthLink Portal?


Any practitioner can now submit HealthLink SmartForms for Referrals, Orders, Insurance or Medical Certificates simply via a Web Browser.


The forms are the same as those presented in EMR systems.

Timely, secure, cost effective and confidence in delivery
Key features
  • Web browser based Smart Forms solution
  • Submit and receive without requiring an EMR
  • Protected by digital certificates and advanced HealthLink security
  • Backed by expert technical support from HealthLink
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