Published August 12th 2021
My Aged Care e-Referral Q & A with Dr. Eric Davey

Dr Eric Davey has been working as a GP at Clarence Medical Centre in Maclean, NSW for nine years. He’s been using My Aged Care e-Referral forms for a few months now and highly recommends them to other practices.

What are the benefits of using My Aged Care e-Referrals?

I can ensure the information I feel is important is included and I’m confident the information is going directly to My Aged Care. The e-Referrals are also confidential and easily amended.

What’s the number one thing you love most about them?

I get to determine which information is passed onto the My Aged Care team.

How did you previously send referrals?

I faxed them using a template in our medical software.

How does faxing compare with the new e-Referral form?

Faxing was much more time-consuming and less flexible.

Can you imagine going back to the old way?


How do e-Referrals benefit patients?

E-Referrals expedite the referral process so patients are assessed much quicker.

How many e-Referrals do you send on average each week?

About one per week.

How much time do you save using e-Referral forms?

I save about 10-15 minutes per referral.

Are they user-friendly?


Did it take long to learn how to use them?


What practice management system do you use?

Best Practice.

Would you recommend e-Referral forms to other practices?

Yes, because e-Referrals can be done seamlessly within a normal consult.