HMS Client v6.8​

Robust and well proven.​

HMS Client v6.8 is now well established within HealthLink’s sector-wide secure health messaging network.​


As of August 2023, over 90% of Windows sites are now using v6.8, and over 30% of macOS. It is a robust and well proven release.

End of support

Means it is strongly recommended you upgrade as soon as possible. If you call HealthLink’s Helpdesk for support, they will spend a few minutes attending to your issue, however, they will recommend an upgrade and offer to schedule it at a suitable time.​


  • HMS Client v6.6 and below will reach end of support from 31st August 2023​
  • HMS Client v6.7 will reach end of support from 31st December 2023
End of life

Means the version of HMS Client will no longer operate within HealthLink’s secure messaging network. Its connection to back-end systems will be refused as it is no longer secure enough.​

  • HMS Client v6.6 and below will reach end of life from 31st January 2024​
  • HMS Client v6.7 will reach end of life from 30th April 2024
An easy upgrade.

Please move proactively to upgrade your site to HMS Client v6.8. It is available on our website:​


HealthLink Australia Downloads
HealthLink New Zealand Downloads


It is easy to install, so you can schedule the upgrade yourself, via your technician or call HealthLink’s Helpdesk for support.​

If you have any concerns, please contact our helpdesk team.​
Phone: Australia: 1800 125 036 | New Zealand: 0800 288 887